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I guess it would be remiss if I did not provide a weekly post to keep you informed or entertained. This week is not an exception.


However, I am totally swamped and I just was not ready for this Friday. Big Skating competition in Lansing Michigan this weekend.


So I will be quite short.


"Backup if you have not this weekend! if you can't remember the last time, then it is surely time to backup this weekend."


Do it while you are doing the lawn.

Or having a bar-b-que

Or just lying in a hammock

Or  watching a baseball game

The point is backups can be easily done while you are doing something else so there is no excuse.

Just Do It!


Musical Choice

I have always loved this song, it's just great and upbeat ….. and you can dance while you backup too. The guys in this video really through themselves around as well.




Knobs and Dials


From the Golden Tower of the Fisher Bldg, tune in to AM 760 WJR between 5:00 and 7:00 PM for "The Internet Advisor Show". The standard crew will be there for you. Gary, Foster, Ed and I for talk both lively and informational about all things computer, gadget and Internet.

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