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Everyone needs a cookbook! Now, I have to admit that I never follow recipes to the letter. Goes against everything I learned at my grandmother's side. I improvise according to what ingredients happen to be on hand. That said, I do have a fairly large collection of cookbooks, but I use them mostly for inspiration and general cooking times and temps.

The iPad has become my mobile library, and while there are plenty of cookbooks available in Kindle and iBooks format, they are not the most convenient to use. One of the old, old stand-bys, The Betty Crocker Cookbook is available in a stand-alone format (for free, of course!), and there are two separate versions available, The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook for the iPhone and touch, and The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad. While I haven't tried the iPhone version, I have been playing with the iPad version, and for a free app, it's nicely done.


All of the usual categories are there.

Know what you want? Search by recipe name. Looking for inspiration? Search by the ingredients you have on hand.

Searching for 'pork chops' brought up 23 separate recipes, even giving you prep time, cook time and each recipe actually has a working timer.

Want to save a recipe for future use? Click on the star and it will be added to the Favorites section. Want nutritional information? Yep, they have that too.

Cook Mode brings up the recipe in step-by-step format, complete with timers. Oh, and you can even increase the size of the text. 

Give it a try. The price is right, and you might be surprised by it.

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