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I guess that could be a redundant question lately with the recent advent of the iPad.

But really, what technology has had an impact on enhancing your summer, your year or even your life? A new GPS system that encourages you to venture out further than you normally go? An iPhone? A Droid? Your iPad?

My iPhone continues to impact my life on a daily basis. While at home I use a grocery app to scan in the barcodes of items I need to purchase to make my grocery lists. That just thrills me to no end.

Today, I'm on a quest to see exactly how much my iPad (the technology that is enhancing my summer) will infiltrate my personal and business life. Right now, it's personal. I'm finishing this blog post from New York, while attending the US Open Tennis Championships. Could I have done this from my iPhone? Sure. Would it have been nearly as easy or as much fun? No.

While I love my laptop, it is not always practical or small enough to lug it around with me. The iPad has filled in that gap quite nicely. So, for me the iPad is enhancing the way I play, I'll get into the work aspect very, very soon.

What about you? What technology is enhancing your summer, your year, your life?

Oops, Andy just lost…


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2 Responses to What technology is enhancing your summer?

  1. Sharon says:

    Well, this summer I have been in techie heaven! First, I have learning all ’bout my iPhone &, after talking to my Mac guru Chita, I got an iPad. I’m in love! Wow! I was like a kid in a candy shoppe as I viewed how much better all tha apps looked on the iPad vs. the iPhone! And the ipad is much easier on the eyes. I’m very, I mean VERY, near-sighted and reading text on the iPhone or itouch can be rough! So thanks Chita for the iPad rah-rah pep talk! The iPad is fun!!!!

  2. Chita says:

    My pleasure. 🙂
    I knew you’d like it.