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I am a regular follower of the MacNews blog. I follow it because it’s great reading. Not just because I write in it once a week. So I have become dependent upon seeing Terry on Monday, Phyllis on Tuesday, Jack on Wednesday, and Chita on Thursday.



I am your blogger for Friday.


But last Friday, I was not there. I skipped last Friday on purpose to demonstrate a point. If you missed me, you were probably thinking about backups. If you were thinking about backups, perhaps it triggered you to backup. If it triggered you to backup and you did, then my work is done.


So I ask the questions.

  1. Did you think about backups
  2. Did you do a backup
  3. Did you miss me ( This answer is not important but I will feel really good if you did miss me. I still feel good if you did not but come on….. stroke me a little)

Try to make backups second nature. It really good to do it on a regular basis. As some readers have said, it can save your fat from the fire.


Let me give you a real life experience.


Last week, for some reason when I was working with my smart phone to get it to sync with my Entourage calendar…. kapow! All of my calendar entries were duplicated by 6 times. So every one of my calendar entries were in the calendar 6 times! While an appointment to have my body massage 6 times sounds great, having a tooth extraction 6 times is not fun. There was 2 ways to fix the problem.

Hard way:

This would require me to go into Entourage and manually delete the 5 additional entries. This would entertain problems like my fat fingers deleting some entries that I would not want to delete.


Easy Way:

I had done a backup prior to the sync process problem so I just got out my SuperDuper drive backup and did a restore of my data and I was back to my original state in no time. The best part, I could not delete something by mistake. Woo Hoo!


So once again, If you have not backed up lately, perhaps NOW is the time.



Here is a suggested storage buy —–


Hitachi X-Series 1TB 3.5″ USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive


Musical Selection of the Week


Usually I can find a video to relate to this weeks blog…. didn’t happen. But then it did happen. Someone had to have backed up this video from the 80’s for me to have access to it in the 10’s. Awesome. Campy but fun. One hit wonder and a favorite video of one of my friends. Enjoy!





Knobs and Dials

It’s football season again for MSU so there will be times when “The Internet Advisor Show” will be preempted on Saturdays starting this weekend. So you’ll need to check “The Internet Advisor Show” web page to see when the next show is broadcasted. Here’s a hint, we will be back on the air on Sept. 11th 2010. Make sure you tune in that day.   

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3 Responses to Did you miss me?

  1. Jack Beckman says:

    I already backup (although I need to do better with offsite backups) and I did miss you last week.

    Love that video!

  2. Sharon says:

    Yes Calvin you were missed! I kept looking for post over and over & still no Calvin! What would we do without your not so gentle hints about backing up our data?! And yes, I did do some back-ups on my Mac and my office PCs (my employers are not enlightened enough to get Macs!!).

  3. Yvonne says:

    Calvin I did miss you. A week without you was bad but yes I did back up. I dont really think about backing up only because I have it set to automatically backup on both of my computers everyday. And like I said before I got my new imac I went out and got a harddrive because I wanted to be ready. Never had seen that video. Was good and for some reason it reminded me of Boy George of Culture Club.