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I am sitting here watching the progress bar of my SuperDuper backup almost complete its' journey from left to right. High value entertainment.

While it's running I decided that this was a good time to start writing my weekly MacNews blog.

This week on the MacGroup iBBS, there was a rather lively discussion on backups. I went through the thread and even joined in on the discussion. One of the segments dealt with economics and backup. This helped me to come up with a blog for this week.


You can find money for a backup


My philosophy has been this. When you buy a computer, budget in a backup solution in the price. Ideally a pair of external hard drives. However if you can't swing that amount, go with a less cost choice.


Choice 1 – Single external hard drive – About $50.00

Choice 2 – High Density USB Flash Drive – ( Good for documents and such data wont be room for the whole hard drive ) 16 gig – about $15.00

Choice 3 – Write to DVD's or CD's  Pack of 25 – about $7.00

Choice 4 – Internet storage – MobileMe or some other online service – $70.00 a year for about 2 gigs of storage.


The main thing is even if you don't have the best backup solution, at least have some sort of backup. Don't forget, you'll want to store that backup in a safe location away from the location where the computer you backed up is stored.


Musical Selection for this week

So why not get with your family and do what this family is doing? Fun Huh?



Knobs and Dials


Well, there will be a break in the schedule of MSU football so "The Internet Advisor" will be on the air this weekend 9/11/2010. However, yours truly will not be mic-side this Saturday. I will be officiating for USFSA. Still there will be great tech radio with the 3 – Foster, Gary and Ed. Tune in for good tech times.


Buy of the week

Not every week but if a good buy comes up, I will post it here. Check out this offer from MacUpdate. Look like a great bundle of software for 49.00. The "Toast" software alone goes for about 99.00 normal price.

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