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Recently, I purchased a software bundle from MacUpdate after reading about their latest Fall 2010 Bundle. I get these emails regularly, and sometimes pass the deals by.


There’s usually one or two that tweak my interest, but unless there’s a ‘have to have’ in the bundle, I’m usually stopped by the notion that most of the software will sit on my hard drive never to be used.


The 2010 Fall Bundle, however, tweaked my interest more so with it’s offerings. So, I purchased it with the notion of going over each software application with more than a superficial glance, using the software and using it more than once.


The first piece of software to grab my attention was “My Living Desktop.”

“MLD” presents itself as a cross between a video desktop and a screen saver; bringing you serene nature scenes taken from all over the world, that play on your desktop while you work. 
























My initial thoughts on this app were pretty neutral; well let’s be truthful. I really didn’t think I’d like it. I was pleasantly surprised. 


An overview of the Settings controls allowed me to place the icon for MLD in my menu bar for easy access, manage how I wanted the scene displayed on multiple monitors, control scene volume/brightness and screen saver volume, and reduce CPU usage.




















25 free scenes come with this software and others can be purchased and automatically downloaded from the Scene Store. Prices range from $2.95 to $9.95.


Spending more time with the app, I was impressed at how relaxing the sounds were. With so many windows already open while working, I could just get a peak of the wind flowing over the snow covered Alps on my desktop and felt no audio or visual intrusion; which I really thought MLD would create. The whole experience was, well, relaxing.


Desktop scenes can be static or set to timely cycle through every five minutes, to once a day.

One feature I thought really cool is the “Automatic Serenity” settings, which allows you to schedule MLD to remind you to take a break, set how long the break will last, and at what intervals or times of the day you will again be reminded to take another break; while still playing in the background as your desktop.



























I typically set and reset my iPhone to remind me to get up and move around every 20 minutes, (yes, every 20 minutes, the body is built for movement, not to be still) so this feature really works well for me. No more resetting or forgetting to reset.


There is also a “Scene Importer” which allows you to import your own movie scenes to be used as your desktop background/screen saver. Which is great if you are someone who has their own relaxation, or even motivational, movie. Although, the Importer seems to get stuck in the on position after it’s done; I’m sure that if this isn’t pilot error, it’ll get worked out.


All in all, I purchased 10 apps for $49.99 (receiving two apps for free), I found this app to be well worth the $4.99 I spent on it. 🙂


Outside of the Fall 2010 MacUpdate Bundle (still available) I purchased, My Living Desktop, from Amuse, Inc., starts at $34.95, for a single license.



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