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It’s backup software week.


I took advantage of the MacUpdate software bundle that was offered to me in an e-mail this week. My reasons for taking advantage of the bundle was to get Toast 10 for a lower price – $49.00. Little did I know that within the Toast application suite, there is a backup program called “Get Backup Pro 2.4.1”


An associate of mine contacted me and said he wanted me to evaluate a backup program this same week. The name of this program is “Shadow 5” for the Mac


So I have 2 backup programs to check out and report on. I will get back to you in the near future and fill you in on what I found out about these backup software packages.




Got a big Figure Skating competition this weekend so this will be a short blog today. Now that does mean you should short yourself a backup this weekend. Remain consistant and you’ll be ready if and when data disaster strikes.


Musical Interlude

This video has nothing at all to do with backup. It’s a great shot video in black and white. The song is also darn enjoyable as well.



Radio Sounds Good to Me


There will not be an “Internet Advisor” this weekend. It’s preempted by MSU Football. We will be back on Saturday 9/25/2010. I will be with Ed, Gary and Foster. Tune in then.

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