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You might be as old as me and when you hear the word “stash”, you start thinking like “Cheech and Chong” and you know what stash means to them.


However, that is not the type of stash i was speaking of.


The Stash


The stash I am speaking of is your backup. Yep after you complete  a successful backup of your Mac or PC, where do you stash your backup?



It’s important to make sure that you keep you stash somewhere safe away from the computer that you backed up.


Where? you ask. Go ahead, ask……. where?


Let me suggest some places.


1) A trusted friend or family members home.

2) Your locked desk at work.

3) A Safe Deposit box.

4) Storage facility you may already rent.

5) Any place but the same place where the computer you backed up.


This way you can be sure you have a stash that will satisfy your needs if disaster strikes.


Musical Selection

Here’s a spin on Springsteen that I really enjoyed…. Perhaps you will too.




Radio Days

Well looks like Spartan Football will be pre-empting the “Internet Advisor Show” again this week. Check the website for Foster’s podcast interviews and when we will be back “on the air” again.

C Ya!

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2 Responses to Where’s your Stash???

  1. Steven Klein says:


    What do you think about storing your backup in your car? Are heat & cold issues?

  2. Calvin says:


    You just inspired me.

    1) Car is okay for short periods of time. Hidden and secure (as secure a a car can be) Maybe for things like flash drives in glove box.

    2) If you can upload data to your car’s audio system. That would be a great place to store a couple of gigs of data. Temperature should not be an issue because it seems to keep music pretty well.