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One of my main reasons for having an iPad is to lighten my load. To use it during training classes; which normally encompassed a binder full of notes, lesson plans, you name it, along with the necessary books. 


So the iPad fit the bill exceptionally well of allowing me the same content, with less to carry, in a form flexible for my needs, digital.  When it comes to notes, articles, lesson plans, etc., I use the PDF format. And I have thousands of PDF files.


As I was integrating this iPad PDF workflow into my teaching workflow, I noticed that the workflow had a kink in it. During class times and many times in-between, my desire was to have more than one PDF file open for easy access and viewing back an forth; just like I do with my laptop. This was a major brick wall for me.


What I found was that I didn’t have an app that fit my needs. While some of these were wonderful apps, I had apps that only allowed me to view one PDF at a time. This was just not working for me. It seems that working with tabbed viewing in apps like the Adobe Creative Suites and Safari, have made quite an impact on how I view/access files and data. In my head, I was screaming “OK, Where are the tabs?”


I hunted online and though It took awhile, I was fortunate enough to find two apps that did have tabbed viewing of PDF files. Both by Aji, LLC.


iRead PDF and iAnnotate PDF

I started off with the free app, iRead, because the $9.99 prince tag on iAnnotate was a bit of sticker shock. With iRead PDF being a free app, if I like it, I may opt for iAnnotate.


iRead PDF gives you tabbed reading of PDF files, full library keyword search, customizable toolbars, bookmarks, links, transfer of PDF files through email, iTunes sync and even opening from another app. Which is all good, but I was happy right now just to have tabbed viewing.


So, I’ll give this a run-through, and who knows, my next MacNews blog post may be about iAnnotate.


For more on iRead click here



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