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The other day I went to one of my remote offsite storage locations to drop off a backup for safe storage. I have 2 types of backups in offsite storage. Backups and Archives.

Now backups we have and will continue to talk about on a regular basis. Backups you do and rotate on a regular schedule. Once an week, once a month, once a quarter. What ever time period that offers you the best protection for your data.



Archives, are data that you have backed up and you want to keep but you do not rotate the media as often. Some archives you do not rotate at all. They are stored and maybe you’ll have a need to retrieve something from them, but it will be once in a “blue moon”. — I have never seen a blue moon. I wonder if that’s what you would see if you were in Las Vegas and in the dressing room of the “Blue Man Group” —- sorry, I digressed.


Anyway to get back to the original point. I was going through my storage and I found some archived media. Then I realized 2 things.

1) The data was really not longer needed.

2) More importantly, I had no way to read the media. It was on a tape format that I no longer owned the tape drive to read it, the computer to connect the tape drive, the software to run the computer and the tape drive to read the data.


This takes us back to a previous blog or MacGroup meeting where I spoke of periodically making sure to move your archive data to a current media you can read with your current Mac or PC. Otherwise, you end up with some really great geek conversation pieces.

So to answer the question, “How long is too long?” When you can’t access the data, unless there is a legal reason to hold onto it, properly purge and destroy your old archives.


Musical Selection for this week ——

This week the legendary software developer Jack Beckman – Do a google search on him for more details – inspired me to look for a inspirational video and this is what I came up with. This person was really good but I don’t think that they ever made even “one hit wonder status”



Radio —–

OH Nooooooooo. Mr. Bill!. Looks like we are still in the thick of the college football season with MSU — Go Green! So the Internet Advisor Show will be pre-empted again. Keep checking the website for Podcasts and announcements when we will be back on the air.


But But I need my fix of this guy, I want to hear him live. What do I do? See below.


Welcome to Shameless Plug 101.

The Rosedale Community Players – A community theater group – is doing a production of the RomoComedy (I made the term up) “Almost Maine”. My co worker Pam Mayer talked me into doing an audition a few weeks ago and the director Don said, well …..


Opening night is October 15 2010. If you want to have a great night of laughs and see some good theater come on out. Get more details and ticket info at the RCP website.

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