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Title makes you think of a rock band? — Naw


Romantic Evening? — Naw



An easy approach to protecting your valuable data —- Now ya talkin!



I hope after all this time of me coming to this blog every week and preaching the virtues of making sure that you do regular BACKUPS has somehow sunk in.


It really doesn’t matter how often because it’s based on individual needs.


It really doesn’t matter what media or device that you use as long as you use it, and test it to make sure that your BACKUP is RESTOREABLE. A BACKUP you can not RESTORE is not a BACKUP


It doesn’t matter where you keep it as long as it is away from the original source computer that provided the BACKUP. As long as it is stored in a safe and secure location.


I does matter that you rotate your BACKUPS periodically.


These are just the simple principles to practice. These will help to keep your data secure and useable in case of a disaster.


This week — Keeping It Simple Sweetheart.


Musical Selection

Not really musical but entertaining. A great talent that is no longer with us.






Radio —–

OH Nooooooooo. Mr. Bill!. Looks like we are still in the thick of the college football season with MSU — Go Green! So the Internet Advisor Show will be pre-empted again. Keep checking the website for Podcasts and announcements when we will be back on the air.

But But I need my fix of this guy, I want to hear him live. What do I do? See below.

Opening night is just one week away!

Welcome to Shameless Plug 101 – Again.

The Rosedale Community Players — A community theater group — is doing a production of the RomoComedy (I made the term up) “Almost Maine”. My co worker Pam Mayer talked me into doing an audition a few weeks ago and the director Don said, well …..

Opening night is October 15 2010. If you want to have a great night of laughs and see some good theater come on out. Get more details and ticket info at the RCP website.

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