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I see from the MacGroup website that next months main meeting topic is not a topic at all. It looks like it’s going to be a meeting dedicated for a Mac Swap meet. Buy Sell Trade …. You know.


I was feeling like that means we will be seeing some vintage stuff as well a current things that folks will want to transact.


Now if you are like me and have a few pieces of backup media that somehow got lost in the archives and now you discover that you sold the device to read it a while ago. This will be the event to try and find that Zip Drive 100 or that QIC 80 tape drive.


Yep, Sometimes you forget about backed up data on old media or stored away in a location out of site and out of mind.

Mind you, I don’t think it’s anything important on the media. Just out of curiosity, I just want to read it to make sure. It will probably be some old Illustrator 88 files, or maybe a Times Two Disk, perhaps even some Go Live pages before Adobe bought the company, or better yet…. a hypercard stack.




So look for me hunting at next months MacGroup Meeting. For bargains and rare finds to complete my backup portfolio.


College of Musical Knowledge.


This song just popped into my head. The videos they made in the 70’s weren’t really videos but I still like the song. This guys look like the should be in one of “those” movies. – Enjoy!

One Hit Wonder



Don’t Forget to BACKUP this weekend. Also test restoring your BACKUP.


Shameless Plug Time!


You should come out and check out this play. Lots of Fun, emotion, and just great acting by a great group of actors and actresses. Besides RCP gives free popcorn at the performances and it cabaret style. You can bring your own snacks and libations cause you seat at tables and chairs. Oh by the way, I will be there as well …. acting


Here are more details —– Yes this is a SHAMELESS PLUG — But for the other 9 actors.

2 Weekends left in this run!

Almost, Maine
by John Cariani
Directed by Don & Jan Turner

This charming midwinter night’s dream of a play turns romantic clichés on their ear as it chronicles the painfully hilarious amorous adventures (and misadventures) of residents of a remote northern town that doesn’t quite exist.

Featuring Brandi Barton, Jen Bindeman, Calvin Carson, Ashley Croft, Daniel Croft, Joe Emmons, Peter Hathaway, Barb Mathers, Karen McHugh, Karol Moser & Larry Rink

                                                       Friday, October 29th — 8pm
Saturday, October 30th — 8pm
Friday, November 5th — 8pm
Saturday, November 6th — 8pm

Tickets — $14
To reserve tickets call (313) 532-4010

C Ya Next week!

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