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I have a thing for cases for my iPods. I'm not saying that they are easily scratched, but I tend to toss everything into my bag, so keys, iPods, wallet, assorted junk all end up sloshing against each other. Scratches happen. Additionally, iPods get dropped, and not always on a carpeted surface. This is why I love a good case. To me, a good case needs to cover more than just the back, if it's going to get tossed into the bottomless bag, or dropped on a hard floor. 

When I got my first iPod touch 3 years ago, I settled on a Griffin flip case. There were cheaper cases, but the Griffin was well-made and offered the best protection. I've never regretted the purchase, and the case looks almost as good today as it did in 2007. When my 4th gen iPod touch arrive a few weeks back, I started the search for a comparable case for it. Locally, I've only found cases that cover just the back and edges, so last week I ended up back at the Griffin website. I don't like anything that involves a skin on the screen (can someone please tell my how to get those on without having any bubbles appear?), and I've given up on finding a good flip-up case, so I ended up ordering the ELan Passport metal. It opens to the side instead of the front flipping up over the top.

Griffin cases tend to cost more than others, but the quality of materials and construction makes it worth the little bit extra. I can't tell you how many times my original touch has hit the floor. I'm confident that the new case will protect the new touch equally well. The top button is recessed enough that I won't worry about something in my bag accidentally turning it on. At the same time, it's still easily accessed. The only thing missing is a cutout for the back camera lens. I'm not particularly happy about that, but it's easy enough to take it out of the case if I want to use the camera. At the same time, the sueded interior feels like it will keep it from sliding out by accident.

New case with the old case. (Decals added so I don't pick up my friend's case by accident.)

And yes, I'm still using the old one, too.

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4 Responses to Griffin ELan Passport Case for iPod touch

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Phyllis: Does it have a hole in the back for the rear-facing camera?

  2. Phyllis Evans says:

    Nope. That is the one thing I mentioned that I don’t like. Still, it’s made so that it’s easy to slide it out to use, but grippy enough that I don’t have to worry about it slipping out by accident.

  3. Linda Webber says:

    I just got a Griffin Elan Passport case for ipod touch 4 g at Walmart. It is like the one above but snaps closed and DOES have the hole for the rear facing camera. I have not been able to find it online or on Griffin website and I bought the last one at our Walmart. Glad to hear I am not the only one with ipod case fetish 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Just bought a Griffin elan passport for the new ipod touch at Walmart and it has a hole for the back camera. I returned another case that covered only the back and came with a screen protector that looked like too much work to put on. I am so happy with the griffin case and I don’t have to have a screen protector in addition to a case.