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If you take, or want to take, a lot of iPad screenshots you may need to get them to your computer or even get them to someone. Here are few ways to accomplish that task. 


First of all, to take a screenshot of what is displayed on your iPad, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. Your screen will flash and the image will be stored in the


If your computer is close at hand:

You can connect to it and use the Image Capture app (Mac) to Import or Drag/Drop your images to any desired location.




Then again, emailing may be a more convenient choice for you depending on your circumstances or desire.








When emailing one image from your iPad the steps are pretty easy: 

  • Open the Photos app >
  • Select the image >
  • Then select the email icon >
  • Up pops a new email >
  • address the email and send it on its way


When emailing multiple photos, the initial step is a little different, though, but still easy:

Instead of first selecting the photos (can’t select more than one to view at a time anyway here)

  • First select the email icon >
  • Then tap each image you want to email >
  • A checkmark will highlight the lower right corner of the image >
  • Icons (Email (x), Copy (x), Delete (x) populate the upper left corner of the screen >
  • Select Email > an Email will pop up for you to address and send the email on its way




There is a limit (5) to how many photos you can send at one time and if you are using a 3G service (not Wi Fi) the photos will count toward your data plan.



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One Response to Getting iPad Screenshots out of your iPad

  1. Donna says:

    Works on the Touch also, but the
    button is labled Share to get to email.