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Music and books were a great part of growing up in our family. I had my first phonograph (you know, that thing that played records?) when I was barely walking. Yes, I broke a lot of those old, brittle 78's, but it was mine, and my bedroom was never without music growing up. A lot of kiddie story records were released by major movie studios, and they were performed by actors like Lionel Barrymore, comedians like Jerry Lewis, and singer/actors like Burl Ives. Some were sound tracks from movies like Dumbo and Pinocchio, some were based on series like The Lone Ranger, and some were just songs for children. They kept us occupied for hours. 

A few years ago, a website, Kiddie Records Weekly, started posting digitized copies of these record, at the rate of one per week. They managed to keep it up for four straight years. Along with the music and stories, they posted PDFs of the covers as well as any read-along booklets for the stories. I don't remember all of them, but my favorites were there, ready to be downloaded. As we approach the holiday season, why not download a few for the little ones in your family. Don't feel like downloading them? You can buy them for a mere $15 a year. The CDs are in MP3 format and will only play on your computer, but are ready to be transferred to a portable player. The selection of records is fantastic. Check it out — even if you don't have little ones around. It might bring back fond memories.

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