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Whether it be the final frontier or not, space exploration has been a longtime favorite topic for me.


I love reading about it, learning about it, seeing the amazing images from the Hubble Telescope and probes sent out on fact finding missions.


So it was a given that I would download the NASA app created for the iPhone. Now NASA has done one better with a new NASA HD app for iPad. With all of the advantages that the iPad offers, screen size, clarity, interactivity, this app is truly an amazing wealth of information.







The NASA HD app is a free download at the App Store and is regularly updated with images and daily information, on top of the seemingly endless amount of information available already.


If you are a sponge for all things space, this is an app to have. And for astronaut wannabes, Space Camp isn’t just for kids. It’s a great time for any age, just think twice before getting on the MASTIF (three rotating rings of 6“ steel that simulate a rocket spinning out of control).  😉 


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