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………. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to back it up.

Lately there has been an influx of digital devices coming on the fore front. In particular, a lot of no keyboard, no hard drive, touch screen devices. This kinda made me think about the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”.



So you you say to yourself, “Calvin, what are you talking about” ) Go ahead say it to yourself, I’ll wait. Said it? Good.


What I am saying is that in the past week I have had the opportunity to see and touch a few of the new devices that are coming out. A lot of people mistakenly call them “iPad” contenders but really they are not. Sure they are about the same size. Sure they have a touch screen interface. Sure they can connect wirelessly to the internet. Sure they can handle multimedia. After all of that, then the “but it can do this that the iPad can’t do or it can do this that the iPad can’t do. Guess what, the iPad wasn’t designed to do those functions.




So many toys….. tools, So little money.


The other confusion I think happens that folks don’t “position” the device in the proper realm. For example, the new HP “Slate” which I saw and touched is more directed towards the “Enterprise” as a tool. With the Windows 7 operating system, it would work best there. However, on the other hand, the “Galaxy” device from Samsung looks closer to a consumer based system with the Android OS driving it.




The big point that I am trying to make is that all of these devices hold the most important thing you want to keep, your data! So you want to make sure that you BACKUP these devices on a REGULAR basis.  The iPad backs up to your Mac so it behooves you to back up the Mac itself after backing up the iPad. Why Calvin? You ask yourself. Go ahead. Ask yourself. I’ll wait. You done? Good.

The reason why is simple. You keep you iPad and your Mac, most likely, in the same structure or home. If you back up the iPad to the Mac and don’t back up the Mac and store the backup offsite at another location, when the house burns, or experiences a theft or natural disaster, all of your data is gone. Do your due diligence. ( I like that phase, got it from Steve Bernstein my lawyer).


Enough said for today.


Musical Selection for Rhythm Infection.

One day…. One Day …. I will be this cool. Yessssss!   Jerome bring me my iPad.



Sunday 11-21-2010

Be there or be square. Big MacGroup swap meet and you don’t want to miss it. You might be able to find that peripheral or Mac you been looking for , for a price you want to pay. r maybe you can sell something you no longer use that someone else can.


C ya there!

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  1. Patrick says:

    “Grilling and chilling”. I’m in!

  2. Heck, Calvin, you’re cool now!