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Oh Baby was it ever.

If there is one thing that I seem to lack sometimes it’s discipline!

It’s the one thing that if you can master it, you can master just about anything.

It’s also the one thing that is most vital to BACKUP.

You see BACKUPS on a REGULAR basis require DISCIPLINE.

But the rewards from that practice is worth far more than the costs of maintaining that DISCIPLINE.

When and if you have a data disaster with your computer, the recovery will be that much quicker and less stressful as long as you maintain your BACKUP process. But maintaining that process will require DISCIPLINE.

1) Decide what data needs to be backed up on a regular basis.

2) Select a media to do your backups on that is appropriate for you data and the amount of time you can stand before you have to have a full recovery from a disaster.

3) Make MULTIPLE copies of that backup ( at least 2 ) and store at least one of them off site ( away from the computer you backed up ) at a trusted location.

4) ROTATE your backups ( This why you need multiple media and multiple copies ) Oh yeah it will cost a little extra but just factor that into your budget when you purchase a computer. It’s part of the total package of ownership.

5) Periodically TEST your BACKUPS to make sure you can in fact recover from a disaster. Remember, a BACKUP you can’t RESTORE, is not a BACKUP at all.

In future blogs, I will be taking each of these 5 steps and breaking them down further to assist in understanding and creating a backup and restore plan.


I believe the below video should help to understand the value of discipline. Maybe it’s just give you a laff. For some, perhaps a flashback of youth. Enjoy!


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