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The day of days. Yes it is Friday!




Sorry but this week I will not be writing. On the road and too many demands. To make it up to you I offer this.


This month’s Macgroup meeting is this Sunday Feb 20th, 2011. The main topic this month — Vola! “Backup”.

So, you can either go to the meeting to get your backup fix or wait for the video podcast and view the meeting online.

Details at


Your choice.


Musical Selection

They used this with the Doritos ad during the Superbowl 2011 but by far it’s a great high energy video…. Enjoy!




Road update via iPod touch.

It;s 12:30 AM EST. Just decided to call it quits for driving. Rolled up 700 plus miles. Did a backup before shutting down my computers and leaving. Just in case their would be problems on power up upon my return. While the iPod touch is workable, challenge for lots of typing. – C YA!


Be back from the road next week.

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  1. ?Ice fishing?
    Naw! Probably really ice skating.