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Let me start by saying I don't own an iPhone. It's not that I don't like them, but I don't use my cell phone enough to justify the monthly charges. My $30 a month cell phone is my lifeline if my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. My cell phone let's my family find me in an emergency ('cuz I'm never home!). That's it. I am not a phone person. Never have been. I can go days without ever touching my house phone. I talk to my sister, cousins and niece via email and Facebook. 

So… a couple of weeks ago AT&T started bugging me to replace my phone. Seems my old SIM card will become obsolete on May 15th. Yes, it's that old. Hey, it works. My old Motorola was a sweet phone. Good camera, no problem syncing with my Address Book (well, with a few little quirks), easy to use. I even had my own MP3 ringtones. 

After a letter, a text message and finally a recorded phone call to my landline, all in less than a week, I broke down and ordered my new phone. Had my choice of 2 free models, and while I had to choose a new rate plan, no new contract. New phone is a nice compact little Pantech Breeze II. Had no problem setting up Bluetooth recognition with my iMac, and it loves my old MP3 ringtones. And my custom wallpapers. What doesn't it like? The thing I most needed — Address Book sync. AT&T's workaround? Why, you can sync the address book with your AT&T web account address book. The web account says, just import your data from a tab-delimited file. The only problem? It must be exported from Outlook, and not Outlook for Mac but the Windows version of Outlook. Why not a plain old tab-delimited file? Or Comma-delimited? Or a plain old .dif file? Nope. At least I have my iPod touch, so I can at least look up numbers.

One of the current iPhone rumors floating around is that there will be a bare bones iPhone that will (Surprise!) function as a voice-only phone, but will need wifi for the other features. Sort of a glorified iPod touch cell phone that wouldn't need a data plan. If they produce it, I'll buy it in a minute, even if it does mean going back to being locked into a 2 year contract. At least I'd be able to have my address book back.

End of my rant. Here's Rob Paravanian's "Pachelbel Rant."


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3 Responses to Phone Rant

  1. I too am a minimalist telephone user, and cringed at spending an extra $30 per month for a data plan. But, when my 5 year old Verizon cell died the day of the iPhone release, I new it was a message from Sir Steve himself.
    I have to tell you, syncing everything in my life – Apple style is so worth it.
    So why do you keep your land line?
    I ditched mine years ago. I rationalize that the money I save from not having a land line pays for my iPhone. 🙂

  2. Steven Klein says:


    It’s not too late to exchange your phone. I think AT&T gives you 14 or 30 days to do a free exchange.

    iSync supports syncing to many 3rd-party phones, meaning you can sync with your Mac’s address book!

    To see a list of supported phones, click here.

  3. mbaDad says:

    The data plan prices are really keeping smartphones from becoming the standard. Currently they only have about 1/3 penetration.

    I would buy an iPhone without data service (wifi only) in a heartbeat.