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A friend recently forwarded a portion of the March newsletter from the Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts. They are now using iPads for an interactive 60+ minute multimedia tour of the Diego Rivera Detroit Industry murals. The tour includes interviews with scholars, historic photos of the Ford Rouge Plant, and film footage of Rivera creating the frescoes. iPads can be borrowed from the Rivera Court information desk in exchange for a drivers license and credit card, their way of ensuring that the iPads will be returned. 

Can't make it to the DIA? How about a virtual tour of New York's Museum of Modern Art. As the commercial says, yep, there's an app for that. MoMA AB EX NY is the free iPad version. They also have MoMA for the iPhone, also free.

Melbourne Museum also has a free app called Please Touch The Exhibit. This one will appeal to the youngsters in the house, as well as the adults. I've just barely started going through it, but I guarantee that I'll explore every bit of it.

And on the lighter side, happy Mardi Gras to all. How about a little Dr. John to celebrate?


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