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Again my friend its the last work day of the week,


Hey Hey Hey …. It’s Friday!


When the day is over and the work is done, get this girl a drink and the weekend is on!


Now that we have the weekend set up for fun and games, lets perform the last and 5th step of data protection. If you remember some weeks back I mentioned the 5 steps of data protection. Here it is:


Periodically TEST your BACKUPS to make sure you can in fact recover from a disaster. Remember, a BACKUP you can’t RESTORE, is not a BACKUP at all.


I find it’s easy to perform this step if you use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner as your backup solution. The siimplicity is just too good. After you perform your backup using either of these 2 products, you just go into you Mac’s System Preferances panel and set you Mac to boot with the external hard drive backup you just created. If it boots and you can access your data and applications …. Hurray! …. you have a BACKUP that you can RESTORE! Your data is protected!


Now if you happen to use Time Machine for you backup solution, you can’t boot from the Time Machine backup. However you can do spot checks of files and restore them to test your backups. Delete ¬†file from the drive you just backed up and then go into Time Machine and restore it. ( Suggestion – The files you will be deleting to do the test restores, I would copy to a DVD and then do the deletion. That way if your Time Machine backup did not work, you’ll have a backup on DVD you can restore with.))


The bottom line is that you have to test your backup periodically or else you’ll never know if you have good backups. Also take a look at your backup schedule if you have it automated to make sure that it is truly baking up.


Music for your Life


Since this is the 5th step. Why not have group of five sing to you. Besides the Sun shone wonderfully on Thursday.



50,000 Watts and sounding like a Million!



Depending on how MSU does in March Madness our schedule may change. But for right now, plan to tune in for the Internet Advisor show on Saturday 3/19/2010 from 4 to 7 PM. The usual gang of suspects Gary Baker, Foster Braun, Ed Rudel, and I for talk of all things technology and Internet related,

Have a GREAT weekend!

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