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Welcome back to the last day of the work week



Well to celebrate this Friday I will just do what I have done every Friday to celebrate. Keep living my life as best as I can. I suggest you do the same.


Well with last week’s entry in this here blog, we completed all that is needed for “data protection”. In this case I am defining data protection as the ability to backup, and restore you data on your Mac or your PC for that matter successfully. Now that you have taken these steps and implemented a backup plan that works for you. You should rest assured that you are protected. But remember, this plan will only work if you “work the plan”. Due diligence is everything.



Musical Selection

“Lawyers clean up all details.” I guess they might but you keep your own due diligence with those backups and enjoy some classic Henley.





Tune us in

While you are doing whatever you do around the house on Saturday, tune in to WJR 760 on the AM dial ( when was the last time you used a radio with a dial”?) Check us out between 4 and 7 PM for the best in Tech Talk and things Internet and such.  Whoo Hoo! That’s the “Internet Advisor Show” on 760 AM WJR!

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One Response to Due Dilligence

  1. M. Lechkun says:

    What’s your choice for backing up a OSX pre-10.4.11 mac? Guess you can figure out I’m long overdue!