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Okay, I will admit. I missed Friday this week. So you get a bonus Sunday night read. Enjoy. I won’t happen often.


Now let me tell you what happened that threw my Friday off.


I did an internal interview for a job at my company. The thing that started the interview was a question from my HR guy who said ” Do you know anyone that knows about the Macintosh operating system?” I said …. “I might know someone”. We I did the interview and the interviewer liked what I had to offer and I got the job.


Now here where it gets amazing — least for me


My job will be supporting the Macintosh platform for users. Nifty job eh? So then it got better when one of the folks walked up and said after a team meeting “Could you stop by my desk before you leave?” Sure I said. When I stopped by, ¬†she said here is your new iPhone. Awesome tool for work. 32 with 3G.



2 days later I came into work for my first day with the new team and in my overhead bin in my cubicle was a Dell laptop I needed for supporting the customer. Next to the laptop was a iPad First Generation! Yet another awesome tool for work. 64 with 3G

Looks like next week will have yet another tool. Seems that a MacBook Air is my next tool to support my customer.


Yep this is definitely a week with a techno cornucopia of devices. Lots to learn and enjoy. I am looking forward to this experience and the job.


I will also have to make some additions to the backup strategy to accommodate the new devices. The good thing is that it provides fodder for future MacNews blogs.


Check back with you on Friday.

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3 Responses to Made me want to backup …..

  1. Kevin Cullis says:

    Great going, nice to know that you’re working in an area you love.


  2. Phyllis Evans says:

    If you ever need an assistant… Just a suggestion. Very happy for you.

  3. Donna Trupiano says:

    Good for you Calvin! I also want to thank you for showing trick for resetting pram. It worked and now everything is working as before.