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It appears that iWeb has fallen into the same status as iDVD. The latest iLife '11 has no new features for either application. When this happens it usually suggests that Apple has no further interest in that market and has decided to focus their energy in other areas. That's not really a bad thing, but it does beg the question of "do we still need iWeb?" The beauty of iWeb was that it allowed mere mortals to quickly and easily build websites. Most pro web designers would scoff at the code produced by iWeb, but for the casual user and small business it was fine. Fast forward to 2011 where almost half of the US population is on Facebook and that makes me think that people have moved past creating their own websites to share pictures and videos. Most individuals created their own websites to share information, photos and videos with friends, family and colleagues. You can do all of those things very easily on Facebook. Even if you're not a Facebook fan you can do all of those things very easily with a WordPress Blog.


Facebook for individuals and WordPress for small business

Both Facebook and WordPress make it pretty easy for just about anyone to have a presence on the internet these days. Both are free to use. Both allow easy posting of content and with WordPress you can even have your own domain name with a variety of web hosting companies and choose from hundreds if not thousands of free templates. I wonder if Apple looked at the current state of webpage building and said, "do we really need to still make this product anymore?" While I'm sure there are some iWeb users out there that love the product and want to continue using it, Apple is a business and has to look at each product and evaluate an R.O.I. It could also be (as some wishful thinkers have expressed) that Apple is building the next version of iWeb to do HTML 5 authoring and simply waiting for HTML 5 to evolve. It's hard to say as only Apple knows. What I can say is that the need for iWeb has certainly declined with so many alternatives out there.

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What's your take?


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4 Responses to Did Facebook Kill iWeb?

  1. John Dingler says:

    Hi Terry,
    This webmaster has recommended to the art gallery director to switch to Weebly, this, after years of making the website using Dreamweaver Apple, signing up for a web hosting service, and then uploading the completed site.

    Weebly offers hosting and modular design elements all in one place, online; Everything is already there.

  2. WinnNews says:

    RapidWeaver and Sandvox can do what iWeb does, and more, and are easier to use. I really don’t see the comparison between iWeb and Facebook. While you can share information on Facebook, its more like fancy instant messaging than a blog or web site. You are correct about free blogging sites though, Blogger, WordPress and Weebly are good services, each with strengths and weaknesses. Weebly is probably the least known, but the most promising. They need to improve their blogging tool, but other than that, a solid service.

  3. Steven Klein says:

    I use and recommend SandVox.

  4. Steven Klein says:

    Sandvox 2.0 was released today.

    According to MacTech, the update is an impressive one with lots of new features and improvements.

    The same article says special pricing for new users and upgraders will be available until the 20th.

    I definitely plan to upgrade.