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I've written about Evernote before. I use it mainly for capturing information from websites. I grab everything from receipts for online purchases to recipes and knitting patterns. It's handy. It's easy to use. It's free. Best of all, it works on my iPad and iPod touch, as well as both of my computers. Syncing is automatic. This weekend, I found another use for it — saving email messages.

Apple Mail has a strange (at least to me) storage system for messages, and even if you have a full backup, it's not always easy to restore an accidentally deleted message. Most of my messages aren't that important, but those with serial numbers or receipts, I really want those backed up. Now, I could just copy the data from each message and copy it to Evernote, but there is an easier way, especially if you want to combine multiple messages in one note. 

1. In Mail, highlight the list of messages you want to save, Command-C to copy. 


2. Paste to Evernote. 

The full messages will be combined into one note, including any graphics or PDFs attached or embedded. That's it. 

Now there are limitations. PDFs will only show the first page of a multi-page attachment, and archives like .zip files will not copy. For multi-page PDFs, if you drag the PDF directly into an Evernote message, all pages will show up.

Again, if you've never tried Evernote, you should. You might be surprised. I've seen steady improvements in the 3 years I've used it. 

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