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Do you have a collection of favorite writing pens? You know, the collection that keeps growing not because you need a new pen, you probably have half a million pens in a drawer somewhere, but the collection of those favorite pens that just "feel right" or that have the right "line crispness." 

There seems to be that same type of yearning for a stylus to use with the iPad for the many drawing and sketch apps that are available. Presently, I have a Dagi Stylus, which is my favorite stylus to sketch with because I can "see" the point of contact. I also use another capacitive stylus that was given to me to review, more on that one at another time. These two items have made the grade for me to keep.

Today's research of stylus for the iPad lead me to the iFaraday Artist Pack. We were introduced to the iFaraday Stylus by MacNews blogger Phyllis Evans in October of 2010. Recently an iFaraday "Artist Pack" was introduced: a set of three capacitive stylus with different shaped tips.

The stylus Artist Pack sport the original flat "Pool Cue" tip, a "Spherical" tip, and a "Bullet" tip.

What I first liked about the stylus of the Artist Pack is that someone finally got the length right. Most of the stylus out there have barrells that are 4 to 4-1/2" in length. That's just too short for a comfortable feel in your hand. These barrells are 6" in length. The creator, Rustle Laidman, listened to what his buyers wanted and responded.

The capacitive tips (made of a washable soft cloth) glide mirror smooth across the screen of the iPad. The different tip configurations are what makes the Artist Pack unique.

 I was anxious to try the Bullet stylus. My interest, also, is to find a stylus that I can hold at any angle while sketching; not the typical usual almost perpendicular angle of present capacitive stylus.

I expected the Pool Cue tip to be atypical of a blunt stylus, as far as its use, and it was. After comparing the Spherical and the Bullet, I found the Spherical tip was the most fitting stylus of the grouping for my use when sketching.

Sometimes, I had to press down a little firmer to get the Bullet tip to register contact, as I was using it like I would a normal sketching pencil. I don't know if this type of pressure would eventually distort this tip. 

The Spherical tip worked at every angle, for every use I had for it. So, it quickly became a favorite for my collection for sketching and general use.

The Artist Pack can be purchased at a cost of $40 from the site.




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