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Not only is it a long weekend coming but it’s FRIDAY!





Another week of work, it was a busy one, and a good one, but is now behind me. Time to turn my attentions to work of another nature. More work at home.




Forecast – Storm Warnings

This spring has been increasingly brutal this year.  Luckily, aside from all the rain, our region has been somewhat spared. But even with the extra rain comes hazards that you should be aware of. Flooding, fallen trees, and lighting. It makes even more sense to at least consider to do a backup sometime during this long holiday weekend. Don’t try the tired old excuse, “I don’t have time.”. You have a long weekend, do it.



Forecast – Possible Flooding

After that backup is complete, make sure to store an extra copy somewhere “offsite” from your computer. If you are the type that uses one of the many online services to back up to, then you have an offsite backup. That way if you are a victim of a flood and your backup and computer are under water, you have a chance to restore your self to “wholeness” again after the disaster.




Quick and Dirty

If you have recent “complete” backups already. You can do the quick and dirty backup by just backing up the data you created since the last backup. Whip out that 16 gigabyte USB drive and just backup those new files if you know which ones they are. Or if you are not a “heavy” user, you can just copy your “home” directory to the USB drive and Eureka you are partially protected. The part I don’t know is the “dirty” in “Quick and Dirty”.


And don’t forget. Backup all of your devices as well as your Mac……. or PC.


Musical Interlude

It real cool to look at all the things in the background. If you see something that takes you back, just note it in the comments section. If you are too young to remember or was not born yet, feel free to ask questions. “Who loves ya baby?”



Radio Active


Saturday 5-28-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Bringing to you great tech radio with the Foster, Edward and I. Gary the “Internet Advisor” is taking the day off. Tune in for good tech times.



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