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I've had one big gripe with Contacts on my iPad. While it syncs beautifully with Address Book on my computers, and it shows all of my groups, there is no way to automatically add an entire group of addresses to an email. Every so often I receive a message that I want to forward to a specific group of people. Adding the names one at a time is just too much of a hassle on the iPad, so I have to remember to do it when I'm back on one of my computers. Remember? Yep, sure, okay. 

Recently I came across a great little app called Mailshot. It does just what I want it to do. Open Mailshot, create a new group, click on import, then update, and a new group address is added to Contacts. When you go to address a new email, start typing the group name, and it will be in the pop-up list like any single name. So simple.

If you have everything set to sync automatically between your iPad/iPhone and computers, the new "Group" will be added to your All Contacts list in Address Book, and you can use either the new or old group when addressing emails on your computer.

With the free version of MailShot, your groups are limited to 5 addresses. The full, unlimited version is only $3.99, but you can only buy it through the free version. After updating it to the full version on my iPad, I wanted to update the one on my touch. Normally, this would just mean backing up and syncing my iPad with iTunes, then doing the same with the touch. Not with this app! I don't know why it's done this way, but you must go through the motions of buying it again on the other device. When you get to the point where you are asked to buy it again, click on buy and the message comes back that you've already purchased it and would you like to redownload it. Of the hundreds of apps I've tested since the beginning of the App Store, this is the only one I've run into like this. I don't like it any less because of this cludgy update/upgrade thing, but it is annoying.

On a positive note – Go Tigers!


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