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That stack of DVDs that you have near your computer, in the boxes, the drawer; do you remember what’s on them?

You’ve got a pretty good guess. But, when crunch time comes and you are looking for that specific file, I bet you’re rifling through them all the same. Loading them in and out of the DVD drive. If you’re lucky, you may have a label on them, but DVDs can hold thousands of files, your label probably could never be large enough.

Since OS 9, there has been a software app that has followed us along through OS updates, to help us catalogue our many files, on the many forms of media we own. AutoCat

AutoCat is ease and elegance when it comes to cataloguing media.  This utility program catalogues your CDs, DVDs, external disks, and if you still have them, floppy disks, by creating an alias. What’s really great is that AutoCat works right within the Finder of the Mac OS.

Getting past the particulars of downloading, launching, and the shareware screen, you are presented with simply a small un-intrusive window for you to drag and drop your CD, DVD, volume, etc., onto.

AutoCat will then process and catalogue your disk, saving to an AutoCatalog folder containing the aliased information to your specified location.

No files are ever transferred or copied. Everything remains exactly where it was on your disks, but you now have a way of searching for content on those disks even when they are not mounted on your desktop.



I dragged the AutoCatalog folder to the Finder sidebar, to create an easily accessible alias of the AutoCatalog folder, so that I can view or specifically search catalogued content from within the Finder window at anytime drilling down or using Spotlight.

AutoCat is shareware, with a price of $15 for a single user license.

If you want to know what's on your media, AutoCat is a good step in that direction.


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2 Responses to AutoCat

  1. Yacko says:

    PowerPC only. Only mentions up to 10.3 Panther, but I find it does run on Intel Leopard. Needs Rosetta to run on Intel. No Rosetta in Lion. Unless Olivier has something up his sleeve soon to be nonfactor.

  2. Chita says:

    Runs fine on my system: Snow Leopard.
    I hope Olivier does, valuable piece of software.