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Well welcome to Friday once again.


Normally I would be elated about now but I am still at work this evening and it’s been a long day so far.


Anyhow, one might ask what does this title mean and how does this relate to backup. Well let me tell you.


Everybody is all a titter about the announcements about the Cloud services being offered. What I think is going to happen is that a lot of folks will fail to do their “due dilligence”. It will put them into that lazy mode of trusting that everything is backed up and then the day comes that they have to do a restore, they will have a problem finding that they don’t have a good backup.


Also, you are encumbered by your internet speed as to haw fast you can restore your drive on your computer if you have everything in the cloud.

Here’s what I am saying


The cloud is a good idea, and it’s part of the total overall package of one of many good backup schemes. But having your own physical, controllable backup is the best defense from data disaster. You need to keep some form of your backups local. It makes for not only quick restores, but quick backups as well.


Let’s just keep it simple and sweet this week.


Have a great up coming week



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