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As documented here, I recently made an unplanned test of the Gorilla Glass used on iOS devices (specifically my iPad2). My fellow blogger Chita wrote about the case she purchased for her iPad where she passed on the Apple Smart Cover for something that better protects her device.

Well, I came to the same conclusion and ordered a Mophie Workbook case. What I like about this case is that it protects the entire iPad, front and back, with a nice, padded shell – so that should I drop it again (butterfingers!) I won't have to worry about the cover peeling off on the way down and the iPad landing on the glass again.

Also, the Workbook has the magnets in the cover that trigger the automatic on/off of the iPad 2, so it still comes on when I open the cover. It comes with four different colored elastic straps that are used to hold the cover shut (you pick one to put on, but you can easily swap them if you like). The inside has the soft side of Velcro, and the left edge has the rough portion, so when you position the iPad, you can set it at many different angles. 

The iPad slides in and out easily – much more easily than the iPad 1 in the Apple case (once that was in, you did not want to take it out – it was a very tight fit). So if you do need it to be out of the case for some reason, it's pretty easy to get it out and back in again.

Now there are some downsides – I can no longer just drop the iPad into its stand for charging – I need to plug the cable in. Fortunately, the case has cutouts that align perfectly with all the places you need one (the Apple connector, headphone jack, cameras, speaker, etc.). Also, it does make the iPad slightly bulkier (although not really much heavier). 

Still, just like Chita, I'll trade those things for piece of mind. With the strap on, the case will not open on its own, and with the extra thickness and less magnets (recall that the Smart Cover has magnets on the hinges to edge to connect to the iPad) I feel a bit more comfortable having it in the same bag with my laptop (although still in another compartment). Now if I can just work on my motor skills…


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