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Remeber 1975? Were you around in 1975? One of the venerable computer magazines of the past, BYTE Magazine, was first published back in '75. It was a pretty good magazine that covered the many different computer systems that existed back then. They specialized for most of their time in technical articles and tested products in their labs.

Like many computer publications over the years, BYTE went by the wayside many years ago, back in 1998. But now it's returned as a web site at It's gone back to its roots, with articles on "how to" do a lot of things with your computer. They have a lot of coverage about OS X 10.7 (Lion), with reviews and how-tos. 

Now, on their first day, they kind of stumbled – they posted a poorly-written opinon piece that basically said Apple products are well-marketed junk. However, to their credit, they posted a note from the Editor apologizing for the article and vowing to do better.

So don't let that initial faux pas keep you from checking out some of the good articles over there, such as how to set up full-disk encryption in Lion or how to get your system ready for Lion. Overall, it seems to be a pretty good site, and I've added it to my RSS reader. 

And don't let today's out-of-sync video make you think you have a problem – it's the video.


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One Response to Those Were The Days

  1. Steven Klein says:

    I used to have that recording on a 45. I was a huge Beatles fan back then, and this was (so far as I know) the first non-Beatles recording on Apple records.