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It’s Friday …. again! —- Woo Hooo!


Last week was it hot enough for you? Wow, great that there is a break in the 90+ temps. The good part is that I was in an Ice arena all week. Hey here’s a secret. The next time it’s hot as Hades and you are looking for a cool place to hang out, for free, for hours, check and see if there is an ice skating competition in your area. They can run from 1 to 5 days. You can find out by going to the United States Figure Skating website. Last week was “Skate Detroit” at Detroit Skating Club ( Home of Tara Lapinski Olympic Champion )

If you know me by now and you know me by now, redundancy is one of my watch words or practices.



Backup Backup Backup!

There has been all the rage and fever to upgrade now that the new cat is “out of the bag”! I am ready to do the same thing as well and almost forgot one evening last week. Yep, even superheros (self anointed) have flaws and can get caught up in the rapture …. wait a minute, that was 2 months back. Anyway I was starting to download Mac OS X Lion and I had not done a recent complete SuperDuper clone backup. I had the data backed up but I really like having a complete backup in case the hard drive takes a header and I have to replace it. It’s faster and easier to clone it back than to reload all of the data and the applications. Especially software authorizations and licensing. I have all that info but have not done the cool approach by getting “1Password” to manage that stuff. It’s on the list though.



Protect Thy Self

So in addition to your normal backups you should do an extra clone backup when you are going to do an upgrade that is as massive as Lion. Remember to actually test booting the Mac with the clone drives PRIOR to doing the install of Lion to make sure you can go back quickly in case your upgrade just “craps its knickers”. You’ll thank yourself a 1000 fold when you do. If you don’t, call me and I’ll increase my stock in Kimberly-Clark cause you’ll use a lot of Kleenex.



Musical Selection for your ear direction

You younger computer users think that this song was written for the Disney movie but it is an old standard from back when Beckman was a pup. Enjoy the originator not the duplicator. The guy in the middle looks like a young Drew Carey.




Radio always sound good to me.


Saturday 7-30-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Bringing to you great tech radio with the Foster, Edward and I. If we are lucky, Gary the “Internet Advisor” should be back from his “”Rocky Mountain High”.  Tune in for great tech times.


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One Response to You better backup and I ain’t Lion!

  1. Steven Klein says:

    That’s one of my favorite songs. The true story behind its authorship is a real tragedy, and too long to report here but the short version is this:
    1. The song was originally written by a black South African named Solomon Linda, who got all of 87¢ for his trouble.
    2. Through some interesting paper pushing, Pete Seeger (himself born to wealth and privilege) ending up owning the rights.

    Columnist Mark Steyn wrote about this a few years back, which is how I learned about it. Here’s an excerpt from his column:

    “Seeger knew Solomon Linda was the composer. He says now that back in the Fifties he instructed his publishers to give his royalties from the song to Linda, and he was shocked, shocked to discover decades later that they hadn’t in fact been doing so. But it never occurred to him, as an unworldly anti-capitalist, to check his royalty statements.”

    Back in the eighties I met Pete Seeger a few times when he volunteered for a non-profit I was involved with at the time. I wish I’d known the facts about this song so I could have reminded him to check his royalty statements!

    BTW, Solomon Linda died penniless.

    More details here: