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My job is interesting, challenging, fun at times. Yet still I look forward to ………


 – F R I D AY –


Just the name of the day of the week sounds good. Like Fried Fish, French Fries, Fried Egg, Fried Chicken. Anything with “Fri” in it sounds good!


“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Hannibal from the “A Team” said it best and I agree. This past week, I helped with a great upgrade of Macintoshes for an associate. They had 2 PowerMac G5 Towers that the artists had been using. I love that box. It’s so slick and cool even years later. I need to add one to my systems at home. I digress. So I replaced the 2 towers that had whopping 19″ screens, 500 gigabyte hard drives and 2 gig of memory with three 27″ iMacs with 1 terabyte hard drives and 12 gigabytes of memory. The kids are elated!

Prior to the upgrade I had each tower equipped with a 1 terabyte hard drive partition into 2 500 gigabyte sections. They used SuperDuper to backup their towers. So when it came time to install the new iMacs, they just copied over their data from the external drives, installed new apps (keeping the O/S clean) and away they went. Smooth Moove!

Now since they moved up to Mac OS 10.6.8 we will format the external 1 terabyte drives and make them into Time Machine backups that they will continue to store off site for the iMacs.

Make it even better,

In addition to the individual backups, I also added a 6 terabyte NAS – Network Attached Storage – for all of their archived data. I went with the Seagate brand Black Armor The artists burn archive projects to DVD but sometimes the artist may have to go back and pull something from the archive. The search through the DVD’s to find the right one and then load it on the Mac took time. By adding the NAS, they will continue to burn the DVD and store it offsite, but they will have a copy on the NAS that they can access anytime just like another volume or drive on their Mac desktop. Easy Peasy!

So both an enhanced backup and archive solution is in place. I feel they are well protected in case of disaster and that is important.

Musical Selection for this week

Sometimes matching the theme perfectly doesn’t always work but since things went well this week on the whole … Let’s just dance


Radio ….. it what’s for listening.

Saturday 8-6-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Uncle Ed, The Fost, Geeky Gary, and I will be there for your weekly “Tech – Inject”.  Tune in, Join In, and get your Tech On.

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