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Even if you haven’t updated to LIon, you can update to Safari 5.1, released 7/20/11 and work with some of the neat new features that don’t necessarily require Lion.

Reading List: One which surprised me, because I accidentally hit the keystrokes to evoke it, was the new Reading List. This is a feature similar to what I used to see in Omni Web. We all remember Omni Web don’t we? Google it, it’s still available, free and actually quite good.

Clicking on the little eyeglasses in the upper left corner will open the Reading List pane. Where you can see the manual ways to add to the Reading List.

  • Shift-Command-D will evoke the Reading List animation to add the current page to your Reading List pane.
  • Shift-Clicking on a link on a web page will add that link to the Reading List.


Safari Opens With (Resume): Located in the General Safari preferences pane, will take a few extra steps out of what I often did (History > Open All Windows from Last Session), when I relaunched Safari.

Drag and Drop Downloads: You can now directly drag items out of the Downloads window.

When evoking the FInd command in a Safari window, the menu next to the magnifying glass icon contains the choices of “Starts with” or “Contains”.

Better Privacy: Located in the Safari Privacy preferences pane makes it easy to remove data that websites can leave on your system.

Also new with Safari 5.1 on Lion is Sandboxing.
“All the web content and applications you use in Safari on Lion are sandboxed, so that they don’t have access to information on your system. If a website contains malicious code intended to capture personal data or tamper with your computer, sandboxing provides a built-in blocker that restricts that code from doing harm.” This is good.

For a full list of Safari 5.1 and new features see:


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