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Another week and it’s time to peek at the weekend


It’s coming

If you are a regular reader of the MacNews blog, you know that there has been a lot of talk about the MacGroup Detroit 25th annivesary meeting this upcoming Sunday. Yep 25 years of this Mac Maddness and I have been riding that wave since …. well since ….. Mac IIfx. for me that makes 19 years! Holy Cow.

A lot of people will sing the praises of our leader and founder of MacGroup Detroit, Terry White. I think I should hold back and not pile on. I figure I would just dump what I consider the facts out here and let you sort through them.

Just The Facts

Fact # 1 – Terry has not missed one MacGroup Detroit meeting since it’s inception. That’s 12 meetings a year, times 25 years or 300 meetings. Through rain, snow, child birth, whatever, he has been there. The man is more regular than Exlax.

Fact # 2 – Terry has never failed to teach you something new at every meeting.

Fact # 3 – Terry knows the Mac and the applications and peripherals attached to it, that he uses, inside and out.

Fact # 4 – Terry is always willing to help people to get the most out of their Mac experiance

Fact # 5 – Even as cool as he is, Terry is always a humble gentlemen.

Fact # 6 – Terry is highly respected in the Apple community.

Fact # 7 – MacGroup Detroit is very lucky and grateful that we have Terry as a leader, member and friend.

How did I accumulate these facts, well from my previous backups of other MacNews articles.

 No I did not forget.

You need to get that backup done if you have not done so lately.  So make this weekend one that includes a good backup of your Mac or PC. And make sure you don’t miss this MacGroup Meeting!!!!!!!!!

Musical Selection

After 25 years it’s like 25 miles. Just ask Terry, he”ll tell ya!


Radio Days

Saturday 8-20-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Uncle Ed, The Fost, Geeky Gary, and I will be there for your weekly “Tech – Inject”.  Tune in, Join In, and get your Tech On.

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One Response to Back …. to Reflect …. 25 ……

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Calvin, thanks for this great post. We are indeed fortunate to have Terry.

    BTW, great musical link! One of my favorite songs.