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We field a bunch of questions at the MacGroup meetings and on the iBBS that really have simple answers or answers that are easily found. Simple searches are easy. Safari and Firefox even give you a search bar right next to the address bar. Use Google, Yahoo or Bing, the choice is yours. Toggle between all three, if you like. 

Type in a word or phrase, and you'll be surprised at the number of possible answers you'll find. And this isn't the only way to find answers. Have a problem with an Apple product? Check the Apple Community boards. This is the first place I head when I run into a problem with a piece of Apple hardware or software. If it's a common problem with a current update, someone should have an answer. And yes, Apple's techs do monitor the boards.

Want to know if there is a piece of inexpensive or free software to do a specific task? MacUpdate is my favorite website for this. Not sure if you have the latest version of something? Check here. Their search engine is great. You'll also find user comments and reviews on just about every piece of software out there. I particularly like the reviews I see here. I won't say that all commercial reviewers can be biased, but these reviews are from people who are actually using these things and not just testing for review purposes. 

The next time you have a problem, try a little research. It's easy. Seek and you will find.


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2 Responses to Google Is Your Friend

  1. Roland says:

    But, the real Google question is…is google sync better than MobileMe/iCloud?? :). I’m literally torn!

    • Phyllis Evans says:

      Since iCloud is still in testing, who knows? I use MobileMe to sync calendars and such, and while it has occasional glitches, it has been pretty steady.