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OK, I've decided to give in a bit and install Lion (OS X 10.7) on my MacBook Pro. I'm still sticking with Snow Leopard (10.6) for my main desktop, server, and my wife's desktop/laptop.

So why now? One of the things I am waiting for, 1Password's plug-in to have 100% of the functionality of the previous version, hasn't happened yet. But the Mac App Store does have 10.7.1 available, meaning when I install (it's actually running right now) I'll get the fixes right away. That's important, and one of the advantages of the App Store model – instead of installing from a 10.7.0 disk and running a large update, you get to install with a current copy (or at least much more current) than ever before.

Waiting for 10.7.1 was one of my criteria – I was more than happy to let others do some of that early testing. I did run 10.7.0 for a full work day off an external drive, and other than being slow (because of the external drive I hope – I am about to find out!) everything seemed to work.

I am looking forward to using the new Mail – I like the "conversation" mode, where you can see all the emails together in a single conversation. I'm also looking forward to the ability to resize windows from anywhere, not just the lower-right corner (finally!). But I am not looking forward to the "reverse scrolling" – I will be setting that back. I will be using too many non-Lion computers to play with that.

I'll also be setting Dashboard to be an overlay again as opposed to a separate space – I like having it work as an overlay. 

I';ve never been big on SPaces, so Mission Control doesn't do much for me. Neither does Launchpad – too much of a gimmick. I also hate that ti seems to be hard to keep in sync with your Applications folder. I'd rather just open the folder, thanks.

One of the things I do want is thew new Windows integration Apple wrote to replace Samba, the open source version. Apple's version supports a feature of Windows servers known as DFS – Distributed File System. Basically, it lets you group shares from many different servers all into one place. We use that at work to supply a single major share point for all of the shares of our three different locations scattered around the country. While I can get to those shares with Snow Leopard, it's a bit of a pain to do. When I tested with Lion, it was just a normal share connection and worked great.

So like any new software, pluses and minuses. All the software I need for work seems to function just fine, and other than a few things outside of work, I don't use the laptop for much else (my iPad gets used around the house in most cases where I used to use the laptop). 


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One Response to Give A Little Bit

  1. Patrick says:

    For your Lion machine, ditch the mouse and switch to the trackpad. Leave natural scrolling on. Your brain can easily handle two categories of computers:
    1. Mouse/non-natural scrolling
    2. Trackpad/natural scrolling

    I’ve been doing this since Lion (Lion/trackpad/natural scrolling at home, XP/mouse/non-natural scrolling at work) and it works.