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I don’t know about anyone else, but Halloween is my favorite time of year. Every time I go shopping lately, I find myself prowling the aisles for new Halloween goodies, be it candy or decorations. If it’s weird, I need it. Gummy brains? Yummy! Creepy crawly body parts? Love ’em! I’m twisted, and I know it. So sue me.

I’ve started haunting the iApp store looking for new spooky apps for my iPad, and I have the first one of the year. HalloweenMusic is a $.99 app that streams all Halloween music, from comedy to Disney to disco and industrial. It’s showing 14 stations at the moment, but more are promised. Oh, and it’s universal, so it works equally well on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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One Response to Spooky Time is Coming!

  1. Good article, wish I could come up with news like that for my blog, lmfao.