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Steve Jobs was not only admired for being one of the world’s best CEOs, but he was also admired for his vision and passion about how computers and consumer electronics should work. If we think back to the time before the iMac, we lived in a world of beige rectangular boxes called computers. If we think back to before the iPod, we had a selection of MP3 players that were low on storage, slow to put music on and difficult to use. If we think back to a world before the iPhone, we had a selection of smartphones that were limited in what they could do, difficult to use, millions of buttons and small screens. Now let’s look at everything that’s not an iMac, iPod or iPhone and we’ll see that everyone else is trying to make there devices “look” cool and similar to Apple’s gear.

We needed Steve to drive the industry to do better. We will miss him for this. While I have no doubts that Apple will continue to be very successful, we  have truly lost a legend and visionary.

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2 Responses to Why Steve Jobs Mattered and Why He Will Be Missed!

  1. Tim says:

    Nice tribute. Is that you meeting him?

  2. arrakian says:

    Would the iOS devices have been as good if Steve weren’t there at Apple? I think not. Going forward, without his direction and ‘push” to guide them, Apple need to create with a simple question in mind: “What would Steve do?”