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My love affair with all things Apple goes way back. My second computer ever (1988) was a Laser 128, which was an Apple IIc clone. At that time, I couldn’t justify the price of the real thing, but I could at least run all the great software. It was a great little computer, and I managed to ┬álearn some basic programming on it. We had just replaced a TRS-80 at the office with an IBM running DOS 4.0, and I even modified some of the shareware we used on it to run on the Laser.

Two years later, Apple release the Macintosh Classic, the first Apple within my budget. It came with 1 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive. I splurged and added another meg of RAM, then later added an accelerator board and another 2 MB of RAM to bring it up to a whopping 4 MB. I loved that computer. I still love that computer. It sits in a corner of the living room, and I boot it up occasionally. Yep, it still works. It’s an Apple.

In the years since then, I’ve worked my way through a bunch of Macs, both desktops and laptops, while still using Windows systems at the office. I’ve also worked my way through a series of iPods and the occasional third-party MP3 player. The Apple products always win out over the others because they just work. On the rare occasion that they don’t, Apple techs have gone above and beyond to make things right.

I’ve lost track of the number of keynote addresses by Steve Jobs that I’ve watched over the years. He was amazing to watch. Always so at ease, even if things didn’t go as planned. And we all waited for that “one more thing.” Steve Jobs was a unique genius. He surrounded himself by the best, and brought us the best. He will be missed, but he left a legacy that will live on. Still, I’ll always miss that one more thing.


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