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So, did you get a load of that terrible iPhone 4S? Utterly horrible. Huge letdown. At least, that’s what all the pundits said last week shortly after the announcement. After all, Apple had built up everyone’s expectations so high!

Well, no. The rumor mill certainly pumped the ‘net full of stories, some listed as being from “reliable sources,” and many of those pumped up some people – again, most notably the self-appoint tech gurus who know what’s best for us all.

After reading over some of those pronouncements, you’d guess that last Friday’s pre-orders were a dud. Of course, Apple might not agree. Seems like they broke another record for first-day pre-orders. But I guess that’s what happens when the public is filled with so many people who haven’t a clue what’s good for them.

I stopped thinking I knew what new Apple items would sell well when the iPod Mini came out. I took one look and said, “Why would anyone buy one of those when a full iPod – with a lot more disk space – wasn’t much more?” (Hey, remember when most iPods sold had disk drives in them?). I thought Apple and Jobs were nuts. The Mini was going to flop.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Mini didn’t exactly flop. It was so successful they pushed back the world-wide release from April to July because they couldn’t make them fast enough. That was a real wake-up call for me – Apple and Jobs actually thought this stuff through and knew exactly what they were doing. So when the next year, Apple killed the iPod Mini and replaced it with the Nano, I figured it would be a hit.

I think the only thing they’ve come up with since that time that didn’t do well – and I didn’t think it would – was the Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker for your iPod. It just seemed too expensive, when better alternatives were available for the iPod. It also didn’t seem like the iPod was very secure, sitting on the top. It seemed like the typical Apple attention to detail was lacking here.

So my point? Don’t bet against Apple (even without Steve Jobs – just because he’s passed away, don’t think he hasn’t passed on a lot of himself to the folks at Apple). yeah, they may not be perfect, but they seem to have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing.


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One Response to Tomorrow Never Knows

  1. Linda says:

    I actually had someone say they were so disappointed that they were still going to holdout for iPhone 5!!

    Talk about a media name that stuck! I had to explain that that name was just a rumor, possibly coined that because it would be the 5th iPhone or that maybe because it might have the A5 chip inside. When they agreed, I quietly explained that the name Apple went with was iPhone 4s. Same rumored phone.