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Yes, 1984 changed a lot of things.


There certainly is an art in telling a story through a photograph.

And some photos can elicit very strong emotional responses.

As an infant, yes, we have our own unique personalities. But, we are little sponges, nonetheless.
Imagine these little sponges in this photo, growing from infancy with something as amazing as an iPad.

When I saw this photo online, I smiled because, first of all, it’s so cute. Then, as this image captured me, I also thought, “Wow, the possibilities…”



I can just only imagine the future here of growing up with a product that changed the face of technology around the world. As an adult, the iPad widened mine. Starting from infancy, “Wow, the possibilities…”


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One Response to Think Different

  1. Barring unforseen catastrophes, I agree that our kids will have wonderfully enhanced lives and opportunities. Good post.