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The world was surprised by something that should not have been a surprise at all. There was going to be a day when there would be an Apple with out a physical Steve Jobs presence. After all it’s a corporation and part of the reason you have a corporation is that a corporation never dies. However people do die.


It’s really quite strange and funny. I had people walk up to me last week, some kidding, and some serious, extending their condolences to me on Steve’s death. As if he was a brother or family member because I own, work with, and like Macintosh computers.


Hey, the guy was good. And yes I love the products from Apple. Sure I am part nut, but that is the fun of owning and being part of the “Apple Culture”. You could set yourself “away from the rest with the best”.


More than talk about Steve and how great he was, I think that has been done by others, I would just like to talk about how the desire to make things greater has been, for a part, transferred into me and my work with the computer. I hope over time to become, Insanely Better.


Now — Go and backup you computer and iDevices if you have not this week. If you don’t you may end up “Insanely Sorry”!


This ……… iKnow!






C Ya!

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2 Responses to It wasn’t going to last forever ……..

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Calvin, I also had someone offer their condolences to me regarding Mr. Jobs.

    Interesting to see I wasn’t the only one.

  2. Calvin says:

    Strange is not it?