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Friday day was amazingly CRAZY.

I would like to have one of those that you’re having young lady




By the way she always drinks Canada Dry Ginger ale with a wedge of Lime. Mmmmmmm!


Last week I had to rebuild an older Mac G4 Tower. It’s my “backup unit’ literally. In two senses. One, I use it in case I have a problem with one of my other primary Macs. Two, my tape backup units are connected directly to this G4 Tower. Yes, I still and will continue to use tape to backup my video projects. Tapes have an excellent retention time and for me, I have found this to be an economical choice for me at this time. The tapes also don’t take up a lot of space for me and easy to organize in a file drawer I have especially for tapes. The tapes also use less space at my offsite location.


How did I handle the rebuild?

Sure, I could have just used the Mac OS X upgrade process and did an in place upgrade. Most times in the past it has worked just fine but I have found a “Clean” install seems to work much better. I love a fresh system. Process for doing the upgrade.

1) Perform a Super Duper clone backup of the existing computer.

2) Test the Clone backup to make sure that it will boot and run successfully

3) Using Disk Utility, Erase and Format the internal hard drive.

4) Install the new version of Mac OS X. Apply all of the updates to the O/S.

5) Install the needed applications and utilities.

6) Merge back the data and setting from the clone backup using a simple Finder copy.

7) Test all of my needed applications and communications.

8) Retain the Super Duper clone copy for 30 days or mare to make sure that the upgrade is checked out completely.


This process has been the best for me and I have always been successful getting my upgrades in place.


By the way if you are just crazy to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, this is a good process to follow along with some other notes which i will pass on to you in future weeks.



Musical Selection

This weeks music is strictly for entertainment purpose.  normally try to find something to match the theme of the week but this week, throwing that out just for the beat. Enjoy!



Radio Days —

Even though the “Internet Advisor” show is pre-empted for the MSU football games doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Foster, Gary, Ed, and I still do the show but it’s recorded for broadcast later on other network stations. You can still enjoy it two ways.

1) Go to the website and get the podcast of the show.

2) Go to the website and submit a question to the forums. Leave you name and phone number as well and we can call you back during a taping and answer your question. See details on the website.



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