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With the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4s there are some users that are experiencing worse battery life than they were on their previous iOS version/iPhones. Luckily I’m not having any major issues. Although I did notice slightly worse battery life at first, but once I turned off “Push” for data delivery my battery life went back up to normal if not better than before. In reading through all the various troubleshooting/settings to improve battery life out there I realized that there are too many places now where a user would have to go to adjust settings to make the battery last longer. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

  • Mail settings – Turn Push off and Fetch data on a schedule or manually
  • Lower the screen brightness or turn off auto
  • Location tracking by various apps
  • Find my Friends App – Hide me
  • Turn off WiFi if your not in a WiFi hot spot
  • Turn off WiFi’s “Ask to join networks”
  • Turn off 3G data (on older iPhones)
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Remove any Location based reminders
  • NEW Location Services -> System Services sub menu with even more things to look at .
Most of the above settings are not grouped together and require the user to find them and make decisions about turning them on or off. Worst of all is maybe you only want to turn them off for a specific amount of time. Say you’re trying to stretch your battery life while out in the field all day and you won’t be near a charger. Once you get back to your home/office you may want to go back to your normal settings.

iOS needs an Energy Saver Control Panel with Profiles

On Mac OS you have a central place to control power settings for notebooks. You can also easily switch between profiles that adjust things like time before screen dimming, spinning the hard drive down, going to sleep, etc. Granted it doesn’t cover everything you can do to save battery such as turning off WiFi and Bluetooth or quitting power hungry apps, but it’s more than we have in iOS.

The Bottom Line

iOS 5 is a great step forward in many ways, but it’s becoming more and more “complex” for a user to know how and where to go to gain maximum battery life. This can be easily addressed with Profiles and even some default ones with suggested settings would be nice for new users especially.
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