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I have a love/hate relationship with Bright House Networks. We’re sort of a captive audience. It’s the only cable company available in our area. AT&T U-verse? Tried AT&T for modem service before Bright House (formerly Time-Warner) became available, and the phone lines are terrible in this area. Techs never could get things up and running.

So, at the moment, we have TV and internet with Bright House, and it seems like we’re always the last to get the add-ons. Frustrating, but not much to be done about it. A few months ago they added limited internet TV for the iPad — a few sports stations. HBO-Go? Not yet. MAX-Go for Cinemax? Ditto. Finally, over the weekend, they released Bright House TV for the iPad (only). Here in Redford, Michigan I’m seeing 73 channels, from A&E to The Word, including the mandatory shopping channels. I counted four of those, but I may have missed one or two. It’s probably different in other areas. It won’t go full screen, but the picture quality is decent. No Favorites list, but you do have a “Channel History” list on the right of the menu bar. Channels are on the left and show what’s currently showing and what’s on next. Double-tap on the screen to hide the channel list. So far, no way to access the additional channel packages we pay for, and no local channels. Still, it’s better than nothing.

To use the app, you first need to set up an on-line account with Bright House. Be warned. You need your account number to set it up, and there is only one log-in per account number. My daughter has to use my email address & password in order to log-in on her iPad. (And yes, it is a different password than what I use for the actual email account.) The other bad part is that you can only log-in through your own network. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with this yet, but as it’s a first version, it should improve with time. Now, if we could just have HBO-Go…


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