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Lots of reports on teh inter webs about people having power issues with their iPhones and iPads under iOS5. I hadn’t seen it on any of my equipment (and I’d run several betas before the final version arrived), but one of the guys at work with an iPad was seeing it big time. In just a couple of hours of it sitting on his desk, with the Smart Cover closed, his iPad went from 88% battery down to 17%!

I didn’t see any strange programs running. But one of the new items in iOS5 that is part of Location Services is a check of your location to set the time zone. If you’ve read the hints on the web, you know that one solution is to turn off the auto time zone. Go to Settings->Location Services->then scroll to the bottom and choose “System Services” where you’ll find some new settings:


Turn off “Setting Time Zone” and you will hopefully see the power problem go away (my co-worker did).

Some more magic – some folks are seeing the “Personal Hotspot” disappear from the Network page (nothing up my sleeve – presto!). This seems to be happening with devices that have been upgraded or had an iPhone 4 restore applied – the new phones we have been setting up at work have been fine. A co-worker and I both saw this on our upgraded phones, but since I still have an unlimited plan, I didn’t really care. My co-worker’s account has the hotspot on it though, and he uses it, so he wanted it back. The solution is to go to Settings->General->Reset (again, scroll all the way down), and then select “Reset Network Settings.” Be forewarned – this will forget all your WiFi networks and their passwords, as well as any VPNs and their setups (I hope you remember all those passwords and shared secrets!). For most people this won’t be a big deal, but we both have quite a few networks and VPNs set up. Since I don’t use the hotspot, I’ve decided to pass on the reset, but my co-worker had little choice. Hopefully, an update to iOS5 will address this (and since updates can come over the air now as small, partial updates, we may see them a bit more often).

One piece of magic that does work well – if you’ve set up an iCloud account – is Photo Stream. It not only sends your photos off to other iOS devices, Apple TVs, and your Macs, but things you save to your photos as well. This includes screen shots taken on your device and graphics you download from the web. Touch and hold on a graphic in Safari and you’ll be asked by a popup menu of you want to Open it, Open it in a New Page, Add it to your Reading List (which also syncs nicely with other devices and your Mac), Save the Image, or Copy it. If you Save it, the image goes to your photo roll and to your photo stream, just as if you took a picture.


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