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I’m usually one of the first to upgrade to a new version of Mac OS X on the day it’s released. While I did upgrade a couple of my Macs to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on day one, this was the first time that I didn’t transition over to it on my main Mac. Many have complained about the loss of Rosetta and older Apps. That wasn’t what was holding me back. Many complained that they didn’t like a lot of the iOS inspired “enhancements”. That wasn’t what held me back. What it was for me was that this was the 1st version of Mac OS that I didn’t see a single “must have” new feature for me. Don’t get me wrong, things like being able to resize a window from any side, AirDrop, the Spotlight menu enhancements, etc. were all nice, but just not enough to warrant an immediate upgrade. Snow Leopard was working just fine for me. So I waited. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until the shipment of iOS 5 that I switched over. Again, this was not really to gain some super new feature, but more or less because I was starting to run into a couple of things that actually require Lion. iCloud for one requires either an iOS 5 device or a Mac running Lion. Also I wanted to start using Adobe Carousel, which also only runs on Lion on the Mac and iOS at this time. That being said, I did all my upgrades in one day and so far don’t have any major issues to report. I would even say that I’m used to it now.

Change Lion to look/act more like Snow Leopard

Although I’m comfortable with most of the Lion “enhancements”, I know that there are many ¬†of you that find them either unappealing or even a step backwards. Although many things can be changed with the System Prefs or the Terminal, there’s an App called Lion Tweaks that puts most of these controls in a single window easy to use Application. Best of all it’s Free/Donationware.

You can download Lion Tweaks for free here.

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